My 2021 Goals: February Progress Report

I started the year writing about the challenges of goal-setting and the need for accountability. I made the commitment to report my progress for goal setting.

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Here were the goals and a February progress update:

Goal 1: Prepare for 2022 by increasing my knowledge base and improving my writing skills.


  • Look into new skills that will make me more diverse and marketable
  • Find free resources
  • Create a “learning” budget I can use on courses
  • Dedicate a set time for reading and learning.
    1. 15 minutes at the start of every work day
  • Create themes for the month to focus the learning
    1. Repurpose my learning into a monthly blog

How did I do?

-I still have not set a budget, but I am continuing to make slow but steady progress through the AWAI course I signed up for.

-Free resources: most of my reading this month was in the AWAI course. So, no.

-Goal: 15 minutes of reading at the start of every work day. A stacked workload impeded any reading. What time I did have to read, I dedicated to the AWAI course.

Progress: I give it a B, because of not setting the budget and not directly meeting the reading goal. I was reading and learning, but it’s all been on persuasive copy.

Goal 2: Reduce my dependence on Upwork clientele while finding opportunities for byline publication.

My stacked workload and push to work through the AWAI course impeded my progress transitioning off Upwork. I was unable to take on any new clients or work because of the new clients I picked up in January. I did have one client who is not on Upwork return for a short project, so that’s good news.

Progress: D because of failing to scout for new work outside Upwork.

Goal 3: Maintain income stream of <confidential> through 2021. That’s an average of <confidential> per month.

I exceeded my goal for the month of February by 3%, which is 8% less than the previous month. This is partially because I had to outsource some of my work just to say float, meaning I made about 51% less on those projects. If I did not need to outsource and had made the full fee, I would have been 17% ahead. I also let a second client go. I turned off my availability most of the month due to being swamped.

Progress: A for exceeding the goal.

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