My 2021 Goals: May & June Progress Report

I started the year writing about the challenges of goal-setting and the need for accountability. I made the commitment to report my progress for goal setting.

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Here were the goals and a May and June progress update. I forgot to report on May, so I’ll do both now. The only caveat to the goals was June was a crazy month. It was more about survival.

Goal 1: Prepare for 2022 by increasing my knowledge base and improving my writing skills.


  • Look into new skills that will make me more diverse and marketable
  • Find free resources
  • Create a “learning” budget I can use on courses
  • Dedicate a set time for reading and learning.
    1. 15 minutes at the start of every work day
  • Create themes for the month to focus the learning
    1. Repurpose my learning into a monthly blog

How did I do?

-I still have not set a budget, but I did pass the AWAI exam in May.

-Free resources: I read a few articles, but not very many. Most of what I did read was work-related.

-Repurposing my learning into a monthly blog: I have not done this since January. I probably should start up again.

Progress: I give it a C, because of not setting the budget and meeting the reading goal.

Goal 2: Reduce my dependence on Upwork clientele while finding opportunities for byline publication.

Unfortunately I still have not hunted for new clients off Upwork because of the workload and life outside of work. I did have one former Upwork client provide work off the platform.

Progress: F because of failing to scout for new work outside Upwork.

Goal 3: Maintain income stream of <confidential> through 2021. That’s an average of <confidential> per month.


This month ended up the best year-to-date. Amazing what can happen when you knuckle down and work. I was 11% above my target number. I outsourced three projects to stay afloat with my time.


I was shocked to see this was my best month of the year to date. I wasn’t expecting it because June was insane. I missed eight days of work due to family visits and my kid being sick. I wonder if some of the funds are trickle-overs from the prior month. I will have to take a closer look when I have time.

I did not outsource any work (somehow!) and had my most income from Upwork year to date.

The verdict.

Progress: B High marks for back-to-back banner income, but it’s time to find some work off Upwork and get back on track with my learning.

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