How I Plan to Set and Achieve My Goals in 2022

Back in January 2021, I decided to publicly state and track my career goals. I found committing to publishing an update every month, even if no one read them, added accountability. It forced me each month (mostly) to review the goal, the strategies, and progress made. I’m continuing the tradition into 2022.

How I Stay Accountable in My Career

Goal Accountability

I write about the progress on my goals here at least once a month. My goals are also posted on my computer desktop as the background, so I see them every time I log in to work.

Measurable goals

Not every goal is measurable with data, but where it can be quantified, it will be.

Just a few goals

We all want to accomplish a lot, but I found focusing on just a few things is helpful. One article I read talked about having a one-word “theme” to help focus the priorities for a year. I picked a theme and wrote goals around it.

2022 Goals

Overarching theme: “Promotion”

Goal 1: Define who I am as a writer.

Goal 2: Increase my knowledge base and writing skills

Goal 3: Promote me.

Goal 4: Maintain income stream of [confidential] through 2022. That’s an average of [confidential] per month.

Goal-setting strategy

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The method I use sets the goal as the “big picture” item. To achieve the goal, you identify what stands in your way and then strategize how to get around that obstacle.

2022 Goals

Goal 1: Who am I as a writer?


  • A track record of success in the real estate niche
  • Hard to break into new industries
  • Not sure what will ignite my spark


  • Make time to “write for fun” and explore new topic niches

Goal 2: Increase my knowledge base and writing skills.


  • Balancing the need to generate income and acquiring new skills. 
  • Classes cost money, which eats into revenue.
  • Finding the time


  • Read the free resources that come into my inbox
  • Create a “learning” budget I can use on courses
  • Dedicate a set time for industry reading and learning.
  • Create themes for the month to focus the learning

Goal 3: Promote me.


  • Time spent prospecting for new work
  • Competition may be fierce
  • I’m a shy person who doesn’t like to talk about myself
  • Finding the byline writing opportunities on the immense World Wide Web


  • Launch a “how I edit” series on my website blog
  • Find byline opportunities
  • Make my website even easier to see my writing 
  • Dedicate a time to job hunt

Goal 4: Maintain income stream of [confidential) through 2021. That’s an average of [confidential] per month.


  • Limited time to work
  • Reduced need in the market for writers
  • Managing my time wisely


  • Reduce Upwork dependance so more money comes to my pocket.
  • Charge the rates I’m worth..
  • Work at least 5 hrs on my working days. 
  • Track each month how much time is spent writing on projects versus time invested and rate earned. 

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