My Goals Report: January 2022

Each month I stay accountable to my goals by reviewing the goal, the strategies, and progress.

2022 Goals

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Overarching theme: “Promotion”

2022 Goals

Goal 1: Who am I as a writer?


  • A track record of success in the real estate niche
  • Hard to break into new industries
  • Not sure what will ignite my spark


  • Make time to “write for fun” and explore new topic niches

Progress: I haven’t had time to write for fun or explore new niches. My workload increased quite a bit this month. Grade: F

Goal 2: Increase my knowledge base and writing skills.


  • Balancing the need to generate income and acquiring new skills. 
  • Classes cost money, which eats into revenue.
  • Finding the time


  • Read the free resources that come into my inbox
  • Create a “learning” budget I can use on courses
  • Dedicate a set time for industry reading and learning.
  • Create themes for the month to focus the learning

Progress: I did read some industry articles this month, mostly in the first few weeks. I did set a $500 budget for professional development. I did not spend it yet. Grade: C because I could do more reading

Goal 3: Promote me.


  • Time spent prospecting for new work
  • Competition may be fierce
  • I’m a shy person who doesn’t like to talk about myself
  • Finding the byline writing opportunities on the immense World Wide Web


  • Launch a “how I edit” series on my website blog
  • Find byline opportunities
  • Make my website even easier to see my writing
  • Dedicate a time to job hunt

Progress: I did upload the first “how I edit video” and I made two other practice videos. I found one byline opportunity but it hasn’t published yet. I cannot take on new work; too busy. So no job hunting! Grade: A

Goal 4: Maintain income stream of [confidential) through 2021. That’s an average of [confidential] per month.


  • Limited time to work
  • Reduced need in the market for writers
  • Managing my time wisely


  • Reduce Upwork dependance so more money comes to my pocket.
  • Charge the rates I’m worth..
  • Work at least 5 hrs on my working days. 
  • Track each month how much time is spent writing on projects versus time invested and rate earned. 

Progress: I’ve had a few 5-hour days but I seem locked in around 4.5 hours. I’m still working on squeezing more minutes from the day. Less of my work is on Upwork. I raised my rates on Upwork. I haven’t done a time tracking assessment yet. My January income was 71% above the target. Grade: A

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