Email Marketing: Sales Copy/ Pitching Digital Agency

Subj: Is Your Content Working For You?

Hi there [name],

Did you know almost half of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content (blogs, white papers, social posts, et al) before contacting a sales rep? 

That means if you’re not regularly creating and publishing content, you could be falling short in attracting and winning new customers.

We know generating new information and packaging it for social media promotion can be a challenge. How do we know this? We’re experts. Every day we help real estate brokers, companies and startups create and deliver outstanding content across social media and other distribution platforms. We have the resources and the know-how to get their message in front of 50,000 real estate professionals.

We can help you, too. At [agency name], we offer customizable blogging, social media management, and marketing services. Would you be interested in a copy of our Media Kit? Even better, let’s set up a short call and brainstorm the right program for you. Working together, we can create content that encourages buyers to choose your brand.

Let me know how to help,


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