My ghostwritten work has appeared on the Forbes Agency Council and for real estate professionals across the United States.

Samples of my work:


Why Choose Round Rock for a New Construction Home? – Pulte Group

How to Calculate Your Home Value – Pulte Group

How the Summer Olympics Won and Lost on Social Media– Social Campfire.com

Why You Need a Real Estate Blog

The Problem with Balance–or Why You Can’t Have It All

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Sarasota Invitational Regatta 1
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My Writing Has Appeared

Pulte Group Blog

Central California Land Magazine

Forbes Agency Council (ghostwritten)

Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing

Social Campfire

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My 2021 Goals: May & June Progress Report

Here were the goals and a May and June progress update. I forgot to report on May, so I’ll do both now. The only caveat to the goals was June was a crazy month. It was more about survival.

My 2021 Goals: April Progress Report

I started the year writing about the challenges of goal-setting and the need for accountability. I made the commitment to report my progress for goal setting. Here were the goals and a February progress update: Goal 1: Prepare for 2022 by increasing my knowledge base and improving my writing skills. Strategies: Look into new skills […]