Nice to meet you.

Casey McKenna-Monroe

I’m Casey McKenna-Monroe, a copywriter that helps people and businesses just like you get the content they need to stay competitive in our digital landscape.

Maintaining a website, blog, social media, and email campaign takes a serious investment of time and effort. You need thousands of words of copy across all these platforms. All that copy has to be optimized for SEO while still connecting to your target audience.

Hiring a copywriter

Writing a 500-word blog could take anywhere from 1-4 total fours depending on the topic, content, level of research, and number of revisions required. 

Is that the best use of your time as a working professional? 

Chances are, you’d be better served working face-to-face with clients. Still, you know creating content like blogs, videos, and social posts is important to building your brand and lead generation.

Keep your marketing machine moving by outsourcing to an experienced copywriter. 

A copywriter delivers you quality copy essential to your marketing strategy will you spend those hours spent on essential tasks. Plus, the best copywriters are trained in current best practices that optimize your content’s ability to get engagement, indexed and discovered.

Why work with me?


The AWAI Verified™ designation is earned after passing AWAI’s robust test and demonstrating an understanding of copywriting principles and best practices.

Experienced real estate copywriting

Since 2013, I’ve worked with residential and commercial real estate professionals for their copy needs. This includes real estate agents, real estate marketing agencies, brokers, investors, mortgage lenders, and affiliated service providers.

Timely delivery

Time matters. A trained journalist, I always research each topic, find primary sources whenever possible, and deliver you the copy on time. 

Professional style

My ghostwritten work has appeared on the Forbes Agency Council.

Clean copy

After my final edit, I double check by running everything through Grammarly Premium.

Style and tone

I strive to meet your tone and voice for brand consistency.

Process involvement

Be as hands-off or on hands-on as you like. We can collaborate at every stage of the writing process, or let me do the topic ideation, drafting, revising, and uploading. 

One-stop copywriting service

My copywriting experience spans various kinds of copy, like:

  • Bi-weekly real estate blogs of 2,500+ words
  • Website copy for an electrical services company
  • Professional bios
  • Podcast show descriptions with social media copy
  • Monthly real estate email newsletter
  • Ghostwriting a 30,000 word nonfiction book on branding and social marketing
  • Youtube video descriptions from provided keywords
  • Editing a 40,000 word romance fiction
  • Proofing real estate marketing copy

See samples of my work.

Learn about my real estate blogging and writing services.

I’m on LinkedIn.

Words About Me

  • We love working with Casey McKenna-Monroe. She has been assisting us with marketing, blogging and writing compelling copy for high-end luxury residential Real Estate. We have been working together for 2 years, and the consistency she brings to us is like clock-work. It’s as if it happens magically, the writing and posts to Facebook are done on a continual basis.

– Tamara Currey, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

  • From my experience, Casey McKenna-Monroe has demonstrated a terrific ability to understand a client and their industry, with the goal of creating terrific custom content that aligns with the client’s goals. Any employer would benefit from having a skilled writer, like Casey, work with them.

–Andrew Johnson, Artifakt Digital

See feedback from active Upwork clients


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My 2021 Goals: May & June Progress Report

Here were the goals and a May and June progress update. I forgot to report on May, so I’ll do both now. The only caveat to the goals was June was a crazy month. It was more about survival.

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