Who’s Afraid of the 1k?

Sometimes you look at something and think, “NO WAY I AM DOING THAT.” And sometimes the opposite happens.

One look at this Workout of the Week at my local gym made me go, “I can crank that out, no problem–and I bet I can beat everyone at it.”

The secret is the 1,000m row. I know I can beast that out. The rest is just resting again another 1000m row. 25 squats? Please! 30 second plank? Is that a workout?

I cranked it out with no rest, hitting about 4 minutes for the rows. I lost some time on the pull-ups, which was to best expected. Legs for days, arms for a minute.

Apparently, the rowing part scared everyone off, because I’m the only person who attempted the WOW that week.

Talk about this post.

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