Should Blogging Be Your Priority?

In our digital world, you probably have two dozen ways to market your business to potential clients. As an individual or small agency, time is not in your favor. You can’t deliver awesome marketing on everything. You’ve got to streamline your digital marketing strategy and run with it. 

That said, blogging is a popular content marketing option. But with video rising to dominance, is blogging still relevant to your marketing strategy? 

Go on any forum and you’ll see lots of discussion on whether blogging needs to be a focus today’s digital marketing. 

Why Blogging for Real Estate

Let’s start with why you would real estate blog in the first place.  When you choose to include blogging in your digital marketing, you are able to:

  • Promote those blogs is original content on your social media networks
  • Promote that original content through your email newsletter
  • Add additional keywords to your website
  • Have content to add to your Google AdWords program
  • Share a body of knowledge with your prospects

Blogging gains you advantages like organic web traffic, better placement in search engine results, and brand awareness from the visitors it draws. 

The flipside to blogging for real estate

There is a catch. All of these advantages are obtainable using video marketing, building a strong social media presence, with podcasting, and pursuing other modes of digital marketing.

If you are not a writer, it’s worth exploring all your options before deciding to tackle a blog as part of your marketing strategy.

Wordpress blog page

A blog is an investment of time and energy. It’s not worth doing if you end up putting in a half-hearted effort. Posting once-a-month 500-word blogs isn’t going to cut it as a marketing strategy. You simply won’t see worthwhile benefits in website traffic and promotion.

Consider these before you blog

Something to think about is your goals behind publishing a blog. What do you want to achieve with this strategy? Is there another marketing strategy that could achieve the same results? 

And what about your target audience? Are they the sort that would actually read a blog? Or would they rather watch a 60-second video about a subject? Even if your blog is performing well and is keyword optimized, if no one’s visiting your website to read the posts, it’s not doing you any good towards building brand awareness. 

How to use a real estate blog

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To make the most of your blog, you want to make sure you optimize it in every way. This starts with the topics you choose and how you write it. It continues through using your blog host’s plug-ins and tools to write snippets, add tags, and include relevant images. The circle closes with how you promote the posts and re-use their content. You need avenues to share the information you publish, like social media and your email newsletter.

This is a place to showcase your expertise. There’s plenty of real estate blogs, so you’ll need a unique angle. Think hyperlocal, or specialize in a particular niche. Share real stories about your work, market data, and interesting advice.

The decision to blog

No one can answer if blogging should be your priority. Look at its advantages and disadvantages, take into consideration your audience and your marketing goals, and make the best decision for you. 


Need help with your blog? I help real estate professionals brainstorm topics and draft their posts! Let’s talk.

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